The first time I heard Marty James was on the hook of a Baby Bash song titled "Fantasy Girl.” I thought his voice was interesting and even had a humorous undertone in his delivery. The lyrics were hilarious!

“You can’t spell fantasy without N.A.S.T.Y.”

The feel-good song reminded me of a hot summer night, having a beer, getting dressed up and being out with friends. I followed Marty James on Twitter and then found out he was the frontman for One Block Radius! He followed me back and we became internet-troll-buddies. His social media is jam-packed with off-the-wall skits, funny bits, impersonations and James living his day-to-day life in what seems to be a dream.

Marty recently contributed to one of the biggest songs of all time! "DESPACITO!" That’s right, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber’s song "Despacito" has the Marty James magic touch on it! James was tapped to collaborate with the fellas on the English translation of "Despacito" and while the song was already big before the Remix, it wasn’t until the Spanglish crossover version happened that the song became the most-streamed song of all time; a global phenomenon.

I sat with Marty James to talk about how the collaboration came about, how he is enjoying his success and what he wants to see for the future of the song as well and his career in years to come. I tried to get insider info about Baby Bash's upcoming performance in El Paso but Marty was sly about confirming whether or not he himself would be in El Paso anytime soon. Check out the conversation with Marty James below:

Baby Bash - "Fantasy Girl"

One Block Radius - "You Got Me"

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