Have you seen the latest in wedding center pieces? Some are so innovative and beautiful. Here are some great ideas!

When decorating the tables with glamorous centerpieces, it's all about height and lighting.

Trend #1: Up-lighting adds color or hue around the banquet room of the venue to coordinate with the bride & groom's wedding colors.  Spot-lighting enhances visibility to center-pieces and wedding cakes.

Trend #2: Tree-like topiaries and potted plants are popular because they give receptions a warm, garden-y feel and add height to the room. Baby spruce or tree-like topiaries can serve as centerpieces, while larger ones.

Trend #3: Lamps- Instead of candles, lamps are front-and-center as the ultimate centerpiece lighting. Some lamps seem to grow out of the flowers at the center of the table, while others can hang from above to give the room a romantic glow.

Trend #4: A new element that many floral designers are excited to work with is Plexiglas and Lucite. Shelving or cubes made with these modern materials can be used to create levels within each centerpiece.

Trend #5: Brightly colored napkins and table linens are being used to play up even brighter floral arrangements. Though you might think that fuchsia flowers wouldn't need any help at all standing out against a white tablecloth, this daring combination of bright-on-bright creates a stunning, eye-catching contrast.

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