The local favorite vegan food truck Lick It Up is aiming to open up a restaurant with some help from the community.

Lick It Up opened a couple of years ago and began to offer vegan dishes that are 100% plant-based and stays true to our local Mexican cuisine style and flavors. Favorite dishes include their seriously delicious gorditas, Juarez-style steak and adobada, quesadillas, nachos, burritos, flautas, and much more. Due to their popularity, they sometimes have to close down early because they run out of food hence why they are looking to expand into a brick and mortar location.

The goal for Lick It Up is to raise $25,000 - this money will help them move into an actual building and will cover renovations, purchasing more kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, dishes, including hiring more staff. With the move, Lick It Up will also be looking to expand not only their menu with breakfast, brunch options but also a kids menu, dessert options as well as beer and wine.

Stop by one of these days and try them out to see what the hype is all about – they are that good and the best part is that it’s all vegan and good for you. Lick It Up is currently next door to Monarch on the side patio located at 204 E. Rio Grande Avenue near downtown El Paso.

To contribute to Lick It Up’s fundraiser you can click HERE.

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