As spooky season begins, so do the sales of Halloween themed items. I am a sucker for anything related to Halloween or horror movies, like an 'IT' Frappuccino. While scrolling through my Instagram, I stumbled upon some bath bombs that perfectly fit the season.

Black skulls, Oogie Boogie, a 'Hocus Pocus' book and even a clown style bath bomb consumed my timeline and my heart. I don't usually use bath bombs but for those who do, you might want to pay attention to the local entrepreneurs creating some natural magic.

In Bloom and Hippie Girl Natural Products are some of the local natural products I see always try new ways to package their products. In Bloom is sticking to the spooky theme with her incredibly creative styles. These are a hot item that are becoming hard to find around El Paso, so make sure you start casting a spell to get these beauties in your bath. If only they could last forever and not melt so quickly, but beauty doesn't last forever.

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