El Paso artist, Diego Robot is transforming fashion into wearable art!

Diego Robot is a local artist who has been mentored by El Paso famed artist Hal Marcus. His signature style “robots” can be seen on murals, merchandise and now he’s converting woman’s purses into wearable art pieces.

The artist had the idea of altering his wife’s purses after she stopped using them. After he painted one purse she loved it so much, he began to turn all her old purses into beautiful one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces.

The purses are for sale ranging from $100 - $250 – depending on the size of the purse. He can also do custom work (purse provided). Diego Robot is also collecting purses to continue his new art project. You can contact Diego to donate your purse via email at diegorobot915@icloud.com

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