Listeners write Mike and Tricia with their thoughts,comments, and problems. The latest is from a listener who wonders about the appropriateness of his wife constantly texting a co-worker.

My wife has become friends with a single guy at work, and even though they don't go for drinks after work or hang out on the weekends, they do text each other quite a lot and hardly any of it is work related. I have asked her to stop because it bothers me, but she brushes it off and says nothing is going on and nothing could ever happen between them because he know she’s married and committed to our family.

She’s let me read the messages before and while it’s true nothing inappropriate has been said it makes me uncomfortable and I would prefer that she stop texting with him. I don't mind them being coworker friends at work, but texting after hours and on weekends is another thing, don’t you think? She just says I’m being silly and making a way bigger deal about it than it really is. Am I or do I have a right to feel this way?

Have you ever been in a similar situation? How did you handle it? Is it something he needs to be worried about? Tell us what you think in the "leave a comment" box below

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