Father's Day is Sunday. If you haven't decided what to get your Dad for his big day, you need to get moving because you know that you'll run into other people who haven't done their shopping either and what with limited capacity these days at stores and malls, you might find yourself waiting in line to get into your favorite store.

While you're trying to figure out what to get your dad, take a listen to Mike telling his favorite Dad jokes. Earlier this week we were talking about Dad jokes and it turns out he has some pretty good ones that he tells all the time because that's the definition of a Dad joke. They are silly jokes or puns that dads tell everyone who will listen every time they have a captive audience. I've heard Mike's Dad joke about his haircut but the other two he told us are new to me, but not to his son who has to endure them every time he goes out with Mike.

Happy Father's Day from Mike and Tricia Mornings!

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