A new song from Michael Hutchence, former singer of INXS has just been released called ‘Friction’.

Michael Hutchence passed away from an apparent suicide in November of 1997 at the age of 37. Before his death, Hutchence had been working on a solo album that was almost ready to be released when the news came that he had been found dead in his hotel room in Sydney, Australia. Two years after his death in 1999, his final solo album aptly titled ‘Michael Hutchence’ was released and the world was able to listen to his last musical work.

But then one of his producers, Danny Saber found a song that wasn’t on the album but was pretty much done and just needed a few final touches and that song is called ‘Friction’ which has just been released.

The previously unreleased song can be downloaded or streamed with the purchase of a special edition Michael Hutchence musical t-shirt.