Over the weekend, Legends In The City brought in actors Michael Chambers (Turbo) from the film Breakin', and Jesse Borrego, who portrayed Cruz in the 90s film Blood In Blood Out (Bound By Honor).

YouTube / Bryan956
YouTube / Bryan956

Over the 4th of July weekend, old-school actors Michael Chambers and Jesse Borrego came into town to hang out with fans during the Legends In The Sun CIty tour.

Michael Chambers, aka Turbo, is best known by his fans for starring in 80s movies like Breakin' and in music videos such as Chaka Khan's I Feel For You and Lionel Richie's All Night Long featuring his master breakdancing skills.

Meanwhile, Jesse Borrego is best known for starring in the T.V. series Fame, Con Air (1997) and in his most iconic role for Blood In Blood Out as the tortured artist Cruzito.

Based on actual events told by poet Jimmy Santiago Baca, Blood in Blood Out (1993) tells the story of two step-brothers Paco (Benjamin Bratt), Cruz (Jesse Borrego), and their bi-racial cousin Miklo (Damian Chapa), as members of a street gang during the 70s to mid-80s in East L.A.

While Blood In Blood Out initially received mixed reviews and its name was later changed to Bound By Honor (by Disney), after nearly 30 years, it has become a cult classic, especially among Chicano audiences.

Borrego took to social media to invite El Pasoans out to see him and afterward was spotted hanging out at La Catedral with fans in East El Paso.

Joined by the rest of the lineup, Michael "Ocho" Ochotorena, John Light Co-Director, Producer, actor Dereck Solarsano and Marques "DNA" Lindsey (Bay Area Struters) met with El Paso fans at La Mansion Discoteque in El Paso on Saturday.

Sadly, like most fans in the Sun City, I missed out on this event too because we had no idea the tour was even rolling into town, but maybe we'll catch them back in the 915 soon.

Until their return, we can still watch them in any of their iconic roles by streaming their respective classic films online.

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