First things first, DO NOT drink and drive.

So many things go viral with the internet now at our fingertips, but this video caused some controversy.

A Florida lawyer found out a way to legally pass through a DWI checkpoint without even rolling down his window. He simply posts a note on his driver's window stating that he wants his lawyer and he will agree to no searches without him. He also adds important documents in the post like his registration, auto insurance and driver's license.

In the video he passes through a DWI checkpoint in Florida and the cops take a look at the papers with a shine of their flashlight and then wave him through.

Although this is perfectly legal in Florida, I have yet to find anything stating it is legal in Texas or New Mexico. I wouldn't be willing to try it but the legality of the situation states that the police are trained to look for certain signs and would pull over anyone they suspect are under the influence. So if you are not intoxicated you would have nothing to worry about.


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