Las Cruces public schools bus drivers came to a unanimous decision for a strike on Tuesday afternoon and if it does pull through your kids may need to find a ride to school tomorrow.

Source: ThinkStock
Source: ThinkStock

It is not clear if and when the strike will happen for sure, but the driver’s contract ends Thursday (today). This means come Friday morning as many as 7,300 students may have no way to and from school.

Las Cruces Public Schools does not hire bus drivers. They have a contract with Student Transportation Services and they have not come to agreement on the next school year contract. This is bringing on the possible full on strike coming tomorrow morning.

An official with Student Transportation Services said they will continue to keep the lines of communication open with Las Cruces Public School and Stan Rounds, the superintendent of schools will provide more information to parents this afternoon. Check back for an update on this story.

BREAKING: District Judge James T. Martin has granted Las Cruces Public Schools a temporary restraining order preventing a bus driver strike. More details to come.

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