The Las Cruces Police Department warns the public that a fake Twitter account is using a similar handle as the departments.

The Las Cruces Police Department issued a statement today saying:

“Las Cruces Police wish to remind users of social media that the department has only one Twitter account and its handle is @LasCrucesPolice.”

Apparently, a fake Twitter account was created with the same handle as the Las Cruces Police Department and also stole various images posting them to the fake account. The police department wants to make it clear that this fake account is also posting false and potentially harmful information and is in no way associated with them.

The Las Cruces Police Department’s Twitter account was created in 2009 and currently has over 2,900 followers.

The Las Cruces Police Department urges its followers to double check to make sure they are following their official social media platforms which include:

  • Twitter:           @LasCrucesPolice
  • Facebook:        Las Cruces Police Department
  • Instagram:       lascrucespolice
  • Nixle:      Search: Las Cruces Police
  • Website:

For more information, you can call the Las Cruces Police Department at 575-526-0795.

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