Halloween is right around the corner and that means Dia de los Muertos is as well.

You can celebrate Day of the Dead in Las Cruces at Mesilla Plaza. The Dia de los Muertos on the Plaza is open to the public and altars can be constructed by anyone who wants to participate.

You don’t need to register, just show up with your altar preparations. The group that is putting on the event asks that you bring a non-perishable food donation of 5 items if you are going to attend or put up an altar. There will be a food drive for Casa de Peregrinos Food Pantry throughout the event, and donations will be accepted by the Calavera Coalition at their booth near the church.

There are a few rules to follow for your altar. You can’t put stakes or posts into the ground. No lighted candles are allowed, but battery powered candles can be used on altars. If you want to put up altars on Friday October 27th, in anticipation of the event on Saturday, you can. The Calavera Coalition will have overnight security both Friday and Saturday nights, but the group is not responsible for damaged or missing items.

The event ends at 5 p.m. on Sunday and all altars should be removed by that time.

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