La Madeleine French Bakery & Café is the latest to join the growing number of El Paso businesses following the money and the population and expanding to the far East side.

The fast-casual restaurant, which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner in a relaxed setting, will open another El Paso location on Tuesday, July 9, at 3440 Joe Battle, down the road from the Hospitals of Providence East.

Best known and frequented for its Tomato Basil Soupe, and Caesar Salade and Strawberries Romanoff, the bakery-café also offers other weirdly spelled and mispronounced French fare options including pastas, sandwiches, and quiche, as well as many incredible looking pastries that are equally tasty.

Show of hands, who loves bread as much as Oprah does? Then you'll want to be one of the first in line when it opens its doors for the first time. The first 100 guests will be “welcomed in true French style with a free baguette.” Oh, oui, oui, Frenchies. That's how you do. Le pain es l'amour de ma vie. Muah, muah, mauh! ... and other Pepe Le Pew sounding romantic phrases.

This will be La Madeleine's third El Paso location; the first opened at the Fountains at Farah in 2014, the second on the west side next to Whole Foods Market in 2016.

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