La Boda De Valentina is the perfect blend of Mexican-American bridal chaos with bilingual dialogue and subtitles, hilarious angry mother-in-law banter & gorgeous wedding details for any bride to be that make for a fun ride which I totally gave Two Thumbs Up! Valentina falls in love with her caucasian beau but finds out her family has secretly married her off to an old family friend in an effort to boost the family's image as her father is running for office in Mexico. Valentina angrily returns to Mexico to confront her family about the incident and ultimately have the marriage annulled so that she can peacefully marry her fiancé in the United States. Valentina’s fiance travels to Mexico where he finds Valentina and her false husband having a night out and that’s when the gloves come off. Be ready for a surprise ending that is sure to break your heart. To be honest, I left the film hoping for a different outcome especially as you get to know the characters but you be the judge! La Boda De Valentina is in theatres now and you can watch the trailer below.

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