Vuture Food Truck is making a stop in El Paso this Tuesday, October 27, 2020.

El Paso vegans and vegetarians, this is one food truck you don’t want to miss out on.

This is not the first time that the L.A. based Vuture Food Truck is making a stop in El Paso. As a matter of fact, they were set to make a stopover this summer, but the ongoing pandemic postponed their visit.

Vuture Food Truck has been on the road and will continue through El Paso onto Tucson, Phoenix, Georgia, Nashville, and Tulsa.

Vuture Food’s Instagram account is a junk foodie’s dream, where every picture is more tempting than the next. Get ready to order everything because Vulture Food's menu features an all plant-based menu.

Just check out these wings:

Vuture Food
Vuture Food

How about a hot dog or two:

Vuture Food
Vuture Food

This Nashville Chik'n Sandwich is the most absolute, delicious sandwich ever:

Vuture Food
Vuture Food

This Tuesday, don’t miss out on some delish vegan and vegetarian eats – Vuture Food will be set up outside between the Old Sheepdog Brewery and Galeria Lincoln off Rosa Ave. in Central El Paso, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Eat, shop and support local when you fill up your growler at Old Sheepdog Brewery, and while you wait on your food, check out Galeria Lincoln and remember to mask up.

Bon Appéti!

Vuture Food Truck Stops:

  • 10/21 - DALLAS @PopUpDFW 3:30p-7:30p
  • 10/23 - HOUSTON @BrashBrewing 3:30p-8p
  • 10/24 - AUSTIN @CelisBrewery 1p-5p
  • 10/25 - SAN ANTONIO @BustedSandalBrewing 3p-7p
  • 10/27 - EL PASO @OldSheepdogBrewery 2p-7p
  • 10/29 - TUCSON @AZBeerHouse 3p-7p
  • 10/30 - PHOENIX @WrenHouseBrewing 1p-6p
  • 11/12 - CHARLESTON, SC @PalmettoBrewing 4p-9p
  • 11/13 - SAVANNAH, GA @SouthboundBrews 4p-9p
  • 11/14 - ATLANTA @Steadyhand_Beer_Co 3p-7p
  • 11/15 - BIRMINGHAM, AL @GPBrewing 1p-5p
  • 11/17 - NASHVILLE @YazooBrew 3p-7p
  • 11/18 - MEMPHIS, TN @GhostRiverBrewing 3p-7p
  • 11/19 - LITTLEROCK, AR @Rocktowndistill 4p-7p
  • 11/21 - TULSA @heirloomrusticals 4p-8p


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