Kim Petras is a model and singer-songwriter to was catapulted to fame many years being that she is known as the youngest transexual. She chose to have gender reassignment surgery at the age of twelve stating that her gender “has always been female.” Currently 25 years old Kim Petras is working with some of the most renowned producers in the world including Dr. Luke. Her single “I don’t want it all” is compared to Madonna’s Material Girl for the modern day consumer and the single “Faded” just received a music video which is described to be inspired by 90’s sitcoms. In the Faded video, Petras is shown wearing fashionable clothing, dancing and on Lil Aaron’s shoulders at the end of his rap verse. Faded is a fun party song that is part of my personal playlist and any person that supports the LGBT community would see Petras’ success as a victory being that she didn’t rise to fame through a nightclub or pageant system. Watch Kim Petras’ music video for Faded below.

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