Hey there! Here is what’s sitting sexy at the top of my playlist! The playlist is called “Cake & Piñatas” and I keep it up at Spotify @joeycradio in case you ever wanna check out the list in its entirety. I like to say that I want my music to sound like candy! I’m not too interested in acquired tastes like to force an artist or record onto myself until it gets stuck in my head. I want to love it immediately!  These songs come from fun nights out with the squad and that’s it! We jokingly do a toast every time we sip a beverage yelling “Cheers to a girls weekend! And so it is!” It makes for really funny Snapchat videos! Check out this month’s picks for you to add to your playlist. They are at the top of mine! Enjoy!
HYLLS - All Over The Place
Nadia Ali is such a queen! She’s launched a new project called HYLLS and so we’ll receive a new song a month for the rest of the year. All Over The Place has her beautiful voice intertwined with delicious Kygo sounding tropical vibe at the end for the cherry on top what is another masterpiece from the Queen of Clubs!

CAZZETTE - Run The World
One of my favorite things about certain artists is knowing what to expect. CAZZETTE never disappoints with their upbeat dance tunes!

Raury - Friends (Tom Misch Alternative Version)
I literally set a meditation to play while I slept because I believe that you receive the message subconsciously and forgot to turn off the shuffle option on my media player and this song started after the meditation so I woke up to cute music. Haha

Disciples - On My Mind
Disciples are another group that never disappoint in everything that they do. The usually melancholy undertones with joyous pop vocals make for the perfect blend of pure pop perfection.

Kim Petras - I Don’t Want It At All
This little gem is an icon for having gender reassignment surgery at such a young age and her modeling and music career is literally the definition of “anything is possible”. The music is everythingggggg. Don’t sleep on Kim!

Noah Cyrus - My Way
Who knew that Miley’s little sister had this in her?! This one’s for the clubs and for the pre party kiki in your bedroom! So cute and so good!

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