Spotify has released its annual year in review "Wrapped" figures, for 2020 and Khalid made the Top 20 list.

The annual Spotify Wrapped List features categories for the most streamed artists, songs, albums, and more on the music platform.

Khalid is marking a new milestone as he has made Spotify’s 2020 Wrapped Global Top 20 list.

Khalid, El Paso’s #1 Ambassador, came in with 3.3 billion streams, accumulating over 152.7 million listeners across 92 countries, averaging over 172.2 million listening hours for 2020.


Khalid Spotify 2021

Khalid took to social media to thank his fans posting on Facebook:

"love you guys thank you so much - I got y'all 2021"

Khalid Spotify 2021

Just last year, in April, Khalid was named the youngest artist to surpass 15 billion streams on Spotify, and the year before that, he was the most listened to musician via the streaming music platform with over 50 million listeners monthly.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Khalid and many other artists had to cancel or postpone events and concerts last year.

But despite not being able to tour, Khalid still had a strong and solid year in music. The "Location" singer also won 5 of his 12 nominations at last year’s Billboard Music Awards. Khalid also collaborated with Alicia Keys for their song, So Done, and won the BMI Pop Award for Songwriter of the Year.

Khalid fans will soon have one more reason to stream his music as he is currently working on new music ready to be released soon, sometime in 2021.


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