The great Khalid not only shouts out El Paso in his songs and acceptance speeches, he now is giving back to the community in an amazing way. On May 10th, Khalid launched the Great Khalid Foundation by proudly announcing the first three recipients of his 2019 performing arts scholarship on Instagram.

We would also like to congratulate Celeste Barron of El Dorado High School, Halie Chavira of Eastlake High School and Steven Phan of Montwood High School for being the talented few who were awarded this incredible honor!

I absolutely adore not only Khalid's music, (which that John Mayer collaboration is my jam) but who he is. He has continued to stay humble and grow his love for El Pasoans, even though sometimes those haters come out. For someone who chooses to love El Paso, that love is so strong and he just continues to prove what a great person he and his crew really are. Plus Khalid has his mother helping him run this foundation as the executive director, which she is handling very well as seen in the Instagram photos of her gifting El Paso mothers a spa day for Mother's Day; courtesy of the Great Khalid Foundation! We can't wait to see what his influence will help create with these future El Paso superstars.

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