Congratulations to Khalid who just received the key to the city of his adopted hometown of El Paso.

The City of El Paso presented Khalid with the key to the city this afternoon at the State of the City presentation. Khalid was awarded the key to the city by Mayor Dee Margo and also declared that today, September 13th was to be “for now and forever to be known as Khalid Day”.

Khalid who was sporting a fanny pack slung across his chest and was all smiles was very appreciative of how much love the city and its fans have bestowed upon him and his success as a musician. He stated that he is most proud of his adopted city of El Paso and proclaims it from every stage that he performs on across the world. In fact, he mentions that, “…the loudest line, and I’m not lying to you, it’s the loudest line of every show, is always – the city of the 915!”

Watch the complete video presentation below:

It was a proud moment for us all to witness such a great honor being bestowed on Khalid, not only for his personal achievements but the tremendous inspiration and recognition that he has selflessly gifted back to his fans in El Paso and we adore him for it - Thank you Khalid!

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