Khalid is making history yet again, becoming the youngest artist to date to reach 20 Billion Streams on Spotify.


Congratulations are in high order as El Paso’s #1 Ambassador has made history yet again, becoming the youngest artist to date to reach over 20 Billion streams on Spotify.

As a matter of fact, this time last year, Khalid was named the youngest artist to surpass 15 billion streams on Spotify. The year after that, he was the most listened to musician via the streaming platform, with over 50 million listeners monthly.  And before that, Khalid made Billboard’s Top Artists of the 2010s, coming in at number 33.

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Despite the pandemic bringing events to a screeching halt, Khalid has stayed busy collaborating with artists such as Tate Mcrae and J Balvin to prepping for a new album, and even took part in Richard Bransen's Virgen Galactic space launch, where he not only performed but got to take an acrobatic flight onboard an N24GA aircraft.

And now, Khalid's star is making history yet again by becoming the youngest artist ever to reach 20 billion streams on the music platform Spotify.

Since last year, Khalid has been making personal and professional strides. From going vegan to winning 5 Grammy's, El Paso's #1 Ambassador manifests good vibes everywhere he goes.

It's been five short years since Khalid came on to the music scene out of El Paso, so as an El Pasoan, it's pretty extraordinary to get to see his star continue to rise and shine.

Congratulations Khalid on your continued success; El Paso Loves You!

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