If you have a kid that plays high school football or volleyball here in El Paso, you might not be able to get any information on their games, but you can now with the El Paso Herald Post. The online newspaper follows every football and volleyball game and they even Facebook live games so you can let out-of-town family members know they can watch your budding NFLer play. The Post covers all high school sports, so you and your family can keep up with their team's progress.

El Paso area schools aren't the only ones the Herald Post follows. They cover high school sports in a 150 mile radius. I think the best thing about the Herald Post coverage is that you'll always be able to go back and read up on the big game. You won't have to worry about keeping a newspaper clipping - it's all right there on the interwebs.

Check out this week's games on the Herald Post Scoreboard page.

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