Another day, another detail in the ongoing Katy Perry divorce drama. After moving trucks were spotted in front of Perry and Brand’s Los Angeles mansion, many speculated that Perry was moving out. As it turns out, Brand is the one packing up and shipping out.

TMZ reports that Perry will remain in the $6.5 million home she once shared with Brand. With the moving process already well under way, most of Brand’s belongings are already out of the palatial estate. These two don’t waste any time! What may be making the move even more efficient? The pair just purchased the pad in June. With their packed schedules, it wouldn’t be surprising if they weren’t even finished unpacking from when they first moved in.

Perry will have a lot more room now that Brand is gone. The seven-bedroom, three-story mansion hasn’t been listed for sale. It’s unclear whether Perry will stay in the house or move out. If she chooses the former, TMZ notes that she will likely have to pay Brand for his share of the property.

On a brighter note, TMZ also reports that the former couple are “on reasonably good terms” with one another and that the decision regarding the mansion “went over smoothly.” We commend their maturity and civility in the matter, because it can’t possibly be easy. We wish both Brand and Perry the best — though we’re not surprised that Perry remains a ‘California Gurl,’ but at heart and at home.

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