I have to admit, the first two days were up and down. My stomach would suddenly realize that it was empty and begin to demand food. Last night was the worst (2nd day on only juice intake)! I felt very tired and had a terrible head ache. Today (day 3) was much better. I felt pretty good. I had my mean green juice in the morning. I ran out of Kale so I made due with spinach instead. Yummy!! Actually, you get used to taste! Frankie's resturant came by the station and dropped off some delicious enchiladas. I smelled them I decided to give in, but once I had a few bites, I put the food down. Don't get me wrong. The food was outstanding but I just wasn't hungry. It was wierd! I think my relationship is begining to change. Which is incredible because food has always had a hold on me. I know the batlle isn't over yet. I'm getting ready to meet some friends for dinner. I plan on just drinking water and let them have all the fun. Iwill let you know how I did. Keeping coming back to this website for updates!










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