UPDATE (12/21): The pastel-drenched video for Katy Perry's Marie Antoinette/Joan of Arc-themed video for "Hey Hey Hey" is here! Watch up top.

ORIGINAL (12/20): Katy Perry's looking like a true Victorian in previews for her forthcoming "Hey Hey Hey" video, a supplement to the fourth single from her latest LP Witness, and she's making a solid case that her pop contemporaries can eat cake.

Perry began posting teasers for the video Tuesday night (December 19) that find her draped in corsets, adorned in sky-high wigs complete with painfully tight curls and donning gowns billowy enough to obscure Versailles' most expansive windows.

"TOMORROW," Perry captioned the series of four photos, which find her in front of a blue wall, sprawled across a fainting couch and sharing hallway space with three fellow royals. A final pic finds Perry ditching the big-gowned motif in favor of a more modern costume that features her now-emblematic Witness eyeball.

And fans are looking ready to kickstart their own French Revolution.

"LET THEM HATERS EAT CAKE!!!" one fan replied to the preview photos, while another noted "You’re killing us!! Currently hiding in the work bathroom to see the HEY HEY announcements!"

Perry's Witness has so far spawned videos for singles "Chained to the Rhythm," "Bon Apetit" and "Swish Swish." While none have managed the cultural ubiquity of videos like "California Gurls" or "Teenage Dream," Perry has nevertheless put up some pretty impressive numbers — "Chained" and "Bon Apetit" have each notched close to 500-million views on YouTube.

Katy Perry Wows in White at 2017 MTV Video Music Awards:

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