Katy Perry broke up with Orlando Bloom after he allegedly was caught canoodling with another woman. Their press reps put out a statement that said they were taking "respectful, loving time" away from each other, but a lot of people are pointing to Katy's drastic action after the breakup to prove that he broke her heart. What was the drastic action?

She chopped off her hair.

Women tend to do a few things after a bad breakup. We take to our bed, eat chocolate, and wallow in self-pity. We also tend to do something drastic to our looks like do a Khloe Kardashian and get a revenge bod, or cut the hell out of our hair.

We talked to listeners on Friday and found out some reasons why they did the post-breakup chop to their hair. Some listeners said they did it to show their ex that the long hair they loved was gone, just like him. Some did it to make themselves feel fiercer and less girly. Still others said they did it because they didn't want to look anything like they did when they were with their ex.

Whatever the reason for the post-breakup hair do, the good thing is no matter how drastic the cut, it is hair and it will grow back! Now, if we could just figure out why Katy keeps picking the wrong guy....

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