Katy Perry, who's frequently been by Orlando Bloom's side since the 2016 Golden Globes in January, aims to stick a pin in rumors that Bloom has had a wandering eye.

This week, TMZ published a series of stories that allege Bloom and Selena Gomez secretly hooked up in Las Vegas — as recently as yesterday (May 12), the site posted footage that found the stars leaving a club together in the same car. But Perry's not worried, and urged her Twitter followers last night to put their energy into following more important news movements.

Gomez Twitter-endorsed Perry's sentiment, co-signing it with a pair of praising emoji-hands. According to TMZ's update to their own original story, Gomez insists she and Bloom were with a bigger group of friends in Las Vegas and that the shared car in question was only for a late-night food run.

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