Trying to find a bad or unflattering outfit adorning the body of royal mum-to-be Kate Middleton is next to impossible. Like her late mother-in-law Princess Di, the Duchess of Cambridge is always polished and put together.

With Kate about to welcome an heir to the throne of England any day now, we're looking back at her five best pregnancy looks, in no particular order, from a gestation period full of amazing, stylish ensembles.

Not only did Middleton make maternity wear look good (you might call her the anti-Kim Kardashian that way), she also demonstrated how you wear heels when you've got precious cargo on board, too. Then again, we predicted as much.

Ice Blue Bespoke Emilia Wickstead Dress

Emilia Wickstead is one of Middleton's favorite designers, and this ice blue bespoke creation was lovely and classy on her expanding frame when she wore it to the National Portrait Gallery in April. The color contrasted beautifully with her skin.

Bespoke Emilia Wickstead Ice Blue Pregnancy Kate Middleton
WPA Pool, Getty Images

Polka Dot Topshop Dress With Ralph Lauren Blazer

Kate went classic and egalitarian with a black and white polka dot frock from Topshop -- where every stylish British gal shops -- paring it with a black Ralph Lauren blazer. Look how the dress prettily floats over her baby bump.

It's worth a mention that she's been photographed in each of these pieces before. So hey, if recycling is good enough for a royal, it's good enough for you.

Topshop Dress Ralph Lauren Blazer Kate Middleton Pregnancy
Eammon McCormack, Getty Images

Printed Hobbs Coat

Our gal Kate was flawless once again in black and white, this time in a printed Hobbs coat. She loves fitted, buttoned coat dresses, and this was one of her best. It's totally proportionate and incredibly wearable.

Printed Hobbs Jacket Kate Middleton Pregnancy
Chris Jackson, Getty Images

Black, Blue and Gray Tartan

When visiting Scotland, it was only right that Kate wore black, blue and grey tartan. She paired it with opaque black tights and black boots -- both of which are her signatures, bun in the oven or not.

She stuck with what worked for her, even as her belly expanded, making subtle adjustments as necessary instead of fighting her burgeoning waistline or pretending it wasn't there.

Kate Middleton Pregnant Tartan
WPA Pool, Getty Images

Yellow Emilia Wickstead Coat

The Duchess was pretty and summer-appropriate in a bright yellow Emilia Wickstead dress and an ornate hat, tipped forward for an added dose of style. She wore it to the Queen's Garden Party in June, and while she was bursting with a royal belly, she blossomed while tailored.

Yellow Emilia Wickstead Kate Middleton Pregnancy
WPA Pool, Getty Images

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