One El Pasoan is giving some major love to Bowie Bakery by matching his outfits to different pieces of pan dulce on Tik Tok.

If you’re not following Helloangeel on Tik Tok then you are missing out on his ode to El Paso by featuring local businesses such as K’Flauta, Los Jarrones and Bowie Bakery.

The local Tik Tok’er who currently has over 26,000 followers has him matching his outfits to various pieces of pan dulce as he takes a bite each time and dances to one of Luis Miguel’s most popular songs, (Ahora Te Puedas Marchar), plays in the background.

First, he models a Pink cookie and matches it by wearing a hot pink polo and white pants.

Angel Aguilar (@helloangeel) TikTok 2

For the yellow Esponja he wears a pale yellow short-sleeved sweater pullover with jeans.

Angel Aguilar (@helloangeel) TikTok 3

Helloangeel then breaks out with a Coconut cookie and wears a white sweatshirt with jeans.

Angel Aguilar (@helloangeel) TikTok 4

And lastly, he debuts a Payaso cookie, a three colored-cookie (brown, tan, and pink) and matches his belt, shirt, and pants to it.

Angel Aguilar (@helloangeel) TikTok 5

After Bowie Bakery saw Helloangeel’s Tik Tok video they ended up hooking him up with a few gifts and he was so thrilled that he went back and gave the historic panaderia some more love and of course to load up on some more treats.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to hit up Bowie Bakery for some yummy cookies and pan dulce while listening to Luis Miguel.


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