KANYE REACHES SETTLEMENT OVER ALLEGED ATTACK: It really pays to get beat up these days. Just ask the guy who got pummeled by KANYE WEST. Remember when West allegedly beat the crap out of some 18-year-old guy who supposedly said a bunch of racist, vulgar stuff to him and KIM KARDASHIAN? Well, the citizens of Los Angeles won't have to worry about being put on a jury where they'd have to pick a side between these two, because word is a settlement has been reached.

TMZ reports the unidentified alleged victim of Kanye's rage has supposedly signed off on 'Ye writing him a check for $250,00 and in return he won't pursue any criminal charges against him. So even though the Beverly Hills District Attorney is still deciding whether to charge Kanye, there’s practically no chance of it happening. Mostly because now the witness will be uncooperative. So, for all intent and purposes, this case is closed.

THE VERY DEFINITION OF IRONY? MILEY'S DAD SAYING HE KNOWS WHAT JUSTIN BIEBER NEEDS: BILLY RAY CYRUS thinks he knows what JUSTIN BIEBER needs. Asked by Access Hollywood what advice he would give the troubled teen, the elder Cyrus replied, “I would just invite him to come down and chill out with me, maybe in Tennessee.”

Mike Windle/Getty Images

Billy Ray then added he would tell Biebz, “’Let’s go up to the teepee, build a fire, step away and just, you know, maybe take a break for a little bit, just think about what's important. Get back to life . . . Build a fire, count the deer and the hawks and relax a little bit." A lot of people are offering Justin advice. But the one person he probably SHOULDN'T listen to -- other than his own parents, that is -- is MILEY CYRUS' dad! Stop me when I'm lying.

Meanwhile ... Justin is scheduled to be arraigned in Miami on Valentine’s Day. He's being charged with DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license, and does not have to be present for the arraignment.

BIEBER’S BABE SHOPS STORY FOR $20,000: Is the story of a night of drinking, drug-taking, and drag racing with Justin Bieber worth $20,000? Apparently Bieber's newest arm candy, Chantel Jeffries, thinks so because according to several sources, the 19-year old has been trying to sell her story for that amount to all the major weekly magazines and daily television shows, including Good Morning America and The Today Show.

SNAPSHOT: MADONNA was a special guest for MILEY CYRUS' "MTV Unplugged" special. And this happened.

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SHOCKING CELEBRITY MAKE-UNDERS: Ever wonder what celebrities would look like if they didn’t have the money to pamper themselves with stylists, beauty treatments, plastic surgery and make-up artists? One company sought to answer the question, creating images of what they think celebs would look like if they hadn’t been professionally worked on.

In the case of KIM KARDASHIAN, the company created an image of the reality star with dark glasses, blotchy skin and bushy eyebrows. Other stars getting the make-under treatment include SHARON OSBOURNE and RIHANNA. (KIM) (SHARON) (RI-RI)

WATCH - VIN DIESEL, PRIVATE DANCER: VIN DIESEL wanted to announce to his fans that another "Riddick" was in the works. But instead of him just saying it, he posted a video of him dancing. The seven minute long vid features Diesel dancing to Katy Perry and Beyonce. Let’s just say that it’s, um, interesting.