So far the coronavirus outbreak has canceled school, normal working hours, vacation time, spring break and any number of events in and around El Paso. Unfortunately, there is another event that will likely go dark this year as well.

The mayor of Juarez, Armando Cabada, spoke with a local tv station and said that because of the numbers of coronavirus cases in Juarez it seems unlikely that the Feria will happen this year. Last year's Feria saw a record setting almost half million visitors who had a blast on carnival rides, ate amazing street food, and listened to live bands and other performers from both sides of the border. The three week long fair was supposed to kick off at the end of June but the mayor said that the possibility of it sparking a coronavirus outbreak has officials thinking twice about the event.

Cabada did hold out a little hope saying he and his city manager will continue to discuss their options and have not officially canceled La Feria. The good news is the event isn't set in stone as a summer event. In years past there have been Ferias in the fall, but the logistics of getting band and performers in a regular year are only amplified this year because of the uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus outbreak. It still isn't clear when performers will begin to take bookings for events.

It's a shame that such fantastic homegrown events like La Feria and El Paso events like WinterFest won't be happening this year, but it gives us a reason to look forward to next year when we can all get together and celebrate our amazing border region together.

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