Our friends across the border have been experiencing a beer shortage for over a month now due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Imagine a worldwide pandemic where everything has come to a halt, panic buying has wiped out toilet paper off store shelves, including beer - DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!!!

No need to imagine this scenario because it actually is happening across the border with our friends in Juárez. Panic buying had residents cleaning out beer shelves at their local grocery and convenience stores as Mexican breweries shut down due to the novel coronavirus outbreak earlier last month.

Since early April, Mexican breweries such as Pacífico, Corona, and Victoria in Nuevo León along with Grupo Modelo shut down their operations to help stop the spread of COVID 19. With no new production of beer, people across Mexico from Tijuana all the way to Juárez have felt the dry spell as their favorite beers have disappeared altogether.

Production was halted by government officials early on to not only help stop the spread of the outbreak but also to limit social gatherings and to temper alcohol-fueled domestic violence incidents.

I recently spoke to my cousin who lives and works in Juárez and she tells me that beer sales have absolutely halted – "warehouses are no longer stocked, stores and restaurants are dried out, and completely out of beer". She also said that it’s not just a shortage of beer but eggs and toilet paper too have been in short supply.

While beer lovers in Mexico will have to wait a while before production ramps up again, my cousin tells me that folks are turning to liquor stores to stock up on their favorite tequila and vodka to get their drink on instead.

So the next time you crack open an ice-cold one – raise it up and cheer our friends across the border who are probably craving one right about now.


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