Khalid continues to dominate the music industry in the most amazing ways. Not only does he have his very own movie Spirit coming out for one day only, he is going to be on NBC's singing competition show, 'The Voice' as John Legend's team advisor!

As I was watching 'The Voice' last night I was so excited to see Khalid on my television again! He just dominated the Saturday Night Live stage,. It seems he has been working hard as hell in the industry to continue releasing hits, collaborate with fashion designers and chat with John Mayer for an Instagram show. He even has John Legend praising his music and sharing his thoughts on just how much he respects his music.

As mentioned in the interview with Access Hollywood, John Legend believes Khalid was the best choice due to his influence on artists, along with their personalities going so well together. Khalid seems like one of the coolest dudes in the industry and as more amazing things happen for him, it seems karma is bringing him so the greatest of vibes throughout his career.

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