The most underrated, overlooked group of songwriters ever on stage who could carry the show with true class and rocking elegance.  According to, "…sounding like NO OTHER BAND around."  When you think of the Flute and Rock, not to items that run hand and hand, but Ian Anderson took it and made a HOME RUN with a mix of blue, folk, and rock!

Some of the hottest Tull tracks were:  'Nothing to say' off the Benefit album, 'We used know' off Stand up album and 'Mother Goose from the Aqualung album.


Ian Anderson was really known to be the main member of group Jethro Tull, and went through many, many member, Ian will take on the Plaza Theater, May 28th at 7:30 p.m.

Thanks to JethroTullVEVO off youtube, check out this brilliant performance below!


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