There is a reason (OK, a million) why Jennifer Lopez became the first woman ever to win the Icon Award at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards tonight -- and her unbelievable performance of 'First Love' showed us all why.

J. Lo not only looked jaw-dropping in a one-shoulder, sparkly black dress, but she belted out the tune with such fervor and showed the world just how well she can really move. (We're talking, rivaling Beyonce. That's how good her performance was!) The 'I Luh Ya Papi' singer looked so fierce and she so totally nailed the number that "Jennifer Lopez is 44" almost immediately became a trending topic on Twitter. And what a way to close out the show -- by ending the program with the same singer who also opened it in the first number with Pitbull.

We were also incredibly moved by her acceptance speech for the momentous award, during which she tearfully thanked everyone from her family to her fans to her team to her beloved children. We were touched by the genuine emotion that she felt as got choked up during her speech. Humble as she was, we have no doubt that that is one award that was well deserved. (Seriously. Check out J. Lo's performance and acceptance speech in the video above.)

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