James Corden does a full on spoof of the film The Shape of Water along with star of the film, Sally Hawkins. The scene begins with Sally Hawkins sitting in a restaurant waiting for her tinder date to arrive when Corden dressed as a merman appears claiming he is her date. Confused, Hawkins shows him his Tinder Profile picture suggesting that he had catfished her but Merman-Corden explains that he is in fact in his profile picture but not the man in the photo; he is hanging out in the fishtank and the rear of the image. The scene goes on to suggest Hawkins is also a catfish when Corden exclaims “you had longer hair in your profile photo” and makes for a good laugh when the analogy is that Hawkins had a haircut and Corden is randomly a fish-man. The date actually happens as both parties agree to hang out before it goes sour when Merman-Corden complains about Hawkins eating her cheeseburger with a fork & knife calling her out by saying that “normal” people use their hands. Offended, Hawkins asks his definition of “normal” in turn offended Merman-Corden for a hilarious angry parting separation between the two. The Shape of Water is in theaters now and you can watch the funny clip below.

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