I had heard a lot of great things about The Shape of Water and on whim, my sister and I got together to scope things out last weekend. I must admit that I was shook (not in a good way) while in the theater because of the Quentin Tarantino style violence portrayed throughout the movie. Guillermo Del Toro produced and directed the film and was awarded for his efforts at the 2018 Golden Globes. In retrospect, I think I may have been suckered to watch the film from the trailers and the romance driven reviews I had read. I was expecting to see a man shot in the face then dragged across the floor by his wound. I’m super sensitive to seeing stuff like that but I realize many people don’t mind. The film revolves a mute woman who works in a place where a marine biologist is overseeing a project which she discovers in some sort of merman. Because of her inability to speak she connects with merman using sign language. In an attempt to save the merman from being killed she connects with her closest friends in an attempt to rescue him. At the expense of losing his job and dignity, the merman's capturer goes after the mute woman and her friends and gets his revenge. Unbenounced to him, the merman has healing powers and to some extent the viewers gets a “happy” ending. I won’t say too much as to not ruin it for you. There are beautiful cinematic moments that would be an embarrassment of the riches to miss. The Shape of Water is in theaters now.

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