Lesson learned: If you're running late to work, steer clear of Selena Gomez.

On last night's (June 20) edition of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke, the "Same Old Love" singer shot for the moon — or, more accurately, to the top of a roller coaster's Everest-resembling summit.

"Why don't you have some fun before you go to work?" Gomez insists to Corden, whom she's trying to loosen up, in the clip above. "You're always working...why don't you take a little detour for a second?"

Evidently, what Gomez says goes, and soon, she and Corden are attempting to sing along to "Come and Get It" while struggling for breath across loops and sudden plummets. It may be a bit unorthodox where karaoke's concerned, but it's at least a pleasant departure from the traditional amusement-park scream.

Having worked up a bit of an appetite, Gomez and Corden make a pit stop at McDonald's, where they notice "Love You Like a Love Song" lyrics plastered to the sides of their value meal Cokes.

"I've made it, absolutely," Gomez says, before Corden asks when she sincerely knew she'd hit it big.

"When you're able to be a little bit made fun of," she offers.

"If that's when you've made it, I made it when I was 13," he answers.

Watch the great Selena Carpool-Caper above, and tell us where you think it ranks among Carpool Karaoke adventures past.

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