It may not hit "Hoover Dam" proportions but, at 402 feet in height, it's still a monster.

Navajo Dam is the largest dam in New Mexico. It, in turn, created the second largest lake in New Mexico, Navajo Lake. Learn about NM's biggest lake here.

Navajo Dam and Navajo Lake sit about 30 miles from Farmington. Navajo Lake offers world class trout fishing as well as white water rafting, boating, skiing, scuba diving and a lot of other fun stuff.

Navajo Dam was constructed in 1962 to control the San Juan river which could be very temperamental, bringing floods during the snow melt and monsoon seasons then, pretty much, drying up during the rest of the year.

Navajo is a rolled earthfill embankment dam, composed of three "zones" of alternating cobbles, gravel, sand and clay. The dam is 402 feet (123 m) high and 3,648 feet (1,112 m) long, with a width of 2,566 feet (782 m) at the base and 30 feet (9.1 m) at the crest. The dam contains 26,840,863 cubic yards (20,520,000 m3) of material. - wikipedia

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If you want to have some fun out of the water, the area around Navajo Dam takes up about 21,000 acres and is loaded with, among other things, lots of hiking and biking trails.

Camping is allowed and hunters will find deer, elk, ducks and other wildlife in the Navajo Lake area.

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