A rancher in Clay County is missing a bunch of cows and there's a reward for anyone who can help mooooo-ve the investigation along.

I thought cattle rustling was something that happened in western movies these days but, apparently, it's still a thing. An expensive thing at that as this rancher is out about $100,000.

Whoever made off with the cattle also took the ranchers bull ,,, and that's no bull, well, you know. Since the cattle were out on the range, exactly went they went missing is a little hard to say. Between February 2024 and April 4, 2024 is the window.

The cows were a mixture of Black Baldies and Black Angus.

While there are no suspects at this time, a neighbor in the area saw a tan pickup truck with a cattle trailer near one of the ranch’s gates. The vehicle was reportedly seen days before ranch employees found the cattle were missing. - kxan

Seriously, this is huge and the Clay County Sheriff’s Office would appreciate any help that anyone can give them in tracking down all that beef on the hoof.

If anyone tries to sell you a cow on the cheap or is pedaling discount steaks out of their trunk, please call (940) 538-5611 or you can file a report anonymously. If you help catch these mangy, lowdown, good-fer-nothings and get 'em thrown in the hoosegow, there could be a cash reward in it for ya'll.

Maybe a steak dinner too ... just don't mention that to the cows.

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