If you hate rats, you'll want to avoid this Texas city -- no, it's not Austin, Texas ... most of their rats are confined to the Capitol building.)

Orkin's list of the most rat infested cities in America is out and no Texas cities made the top 10. In fact, our "rattiest" city barely made the top 20.

Keep reading to see which city led in Texas and which other cities across the country, rat haters should avoid.

Forget Ratatouille, rats are more like Ben to me.

Rat-a-phobia is real. I mean, c'mon, you have to admit, they are pretty disgusting.

Not to mention evil.

They won't send me screaming into the night or anything but, seriously, they're not at all loveable. Have you ever seen an "adopt a rat" rally?

As far as the rattiest city in the United States, according to Orkin, that (dis)honor goes to Chicago. 9 years in a row, way to go Windy City. Bears, ehh ... rats = champs.

As for Texas, the biggest city in the lone stare state took most rats status ... or, "ratus". Houston barely cracked the top 20, (#20), while Dallas just missed it at #22.

For this year, Orkin threw in a bonus ... a special, limited edition, commemorative T-shirt for Chicagoans to wear, ummm ... "proudly"?

They were free but, sorry ... it was a limited edition item and they're all gone already. :(

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