Porch Pirates are horrible people who deserve to be punished. Personally, I'm all for public floggings on this one. Except for this El Paso pooch .. he's too cute to flog.

This guy was found, beyond all reasonable doubt, totally guilty of theft. (Misdemeanor, I'm guessing.) I'm pretty sure he got off with a warning though ... probably a pet on the head and a couple of treats as well.

The short, (ok, very short), video was captured by the residents I-ring doorbell camera, you can see it below.

He actually does this with an almost practiced technique. Makes me wonder if maybe someone is training a gang of thieving pups to use throughout the 2024 holiday season. Kinda like the ones in that classic Doberrnan gang movies.

It's a little hard to see what this guy gets as it's down at the bottom of the frame but it does seem as though he's done it before. I hope no one is corrupting El Paso pooches and sending them down the road to a life of crime. The El Paso Animal Shelter is overwhelmed as it is.

Speaking of El Paso Animal Services, they really are overrun at this point and could use some help. If you aren't interested in adopting a pet, maybe you can foster one? Even just volunteering some of your time at the shelter or donating money would help them a lot.

Call (915) 212 - PAWS to get more info on how you can help them or click here.

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