After dinner in Texas, some of us want something sweet to eat.

Look, some of us are always leaving room for dessert. There's a lot of sweets for somebody to snack on after the main course is served. Some might even ignore actual food and instead just eat dessert as their dinner.

Which hey, no judgement here. We all have different diets right? But there's one major thing one has to decide on for the dessert: What should they eat?

One of those specific choices someone has to them is none other than ice cream. But there's one option that many in Texas shouldn't eat. Do you know it?

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The Worst Ice Cream In Texas Is None Other Than...

To find out, we turn to 24/7 Wall St. to discover the answer. Now, the main part that determined the rankings was the ingredients used to make the sweet treat. There's good news for Texans before we reveal the worst brand.


Blue Bell and Braum's brands didn't even touch the list. So if you were worried that they'd appear on the list, don't worry! So without further ado, let's reveal what the worst brand is.

According to 24/7 Wall St, the brand many in the Lone Star State should avoid is Turkey Hill. Per 24/7 Wall St, three main ingredients should raise red flags for consumers: carrageenan, cellulose gel, cellulose gum, and cellulose gel. 24/7 Wall St. simply states to close out their description: "Read the label."

Well, looks like we'll be sticking to Blue Bell or Braum's for future dessert!

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