How sweet this life health hack is. So here we go with an easy way to help fight the cold and flu season which is predominately fall and especially winter, while prepping for spring allergy season all at the same time. Eat or drink a tiny bit of honey a couple of times a week at least, however, make it local honey made from the environment you live in daily.

According to the Farmer's Almanac since our local honey comes from our local environment this sweet stuff is about more than just tasting amazing since our local bees make local honey by collecting the local pollen they bring back to their hives to make the honey.

Eating honey made from your surroundings means that you're getting the natural native allergens from the flowers, plants, and vegetation where bees feed and the wind blows. When we eat local honey we're ingesting pollen from the environment we live in daily.  According to the Healthline website by doing this we should become less sensitive to our surrounding elements that fly through the air.

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Better sleep, reduction in allergies, and an immune system boost are all part of eating local honey due to its hyperlocal, powerful antioxidants made from the plants and vegetation you're around and breathing in every day according to Healthline. Fall and winter are the time to start building up your defenses for flu and cold season which builds up in our system as a defense for spring allergies.

According to Tom's Maine Honey, it's a win-win no matter where what state you live because local honey is also unprocessed and pure versus basic store-bought stuff that only has traces of pollen because it's filtered and processed. Simply put, the more pure the honey, the stronger its medicinal benefits, like potential anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties as well. Yum and cheers to good health.

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