Malcolm LaVergne, the executor of O.J. Simpson's estate, has shed some light on the disgraced football star's final days before he died at 76 from cancer.

Per Extra, LaVergne revealed that Simpson was aware that "the end was near."

"His family was around. A bunch of his friends came to see him. He was a father. He was a grandfather. He was very happy and content with his life. We knew the end was near," he said.

"For the last few days, he was pretty much out of it… People would give him a rise, if someone would enter the room that he saw… He couldn’t communicate the way you and I are communicating... It was just resting, watching TV, watching his favorite shows… That was what it was about in the final few days," he added.

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LaVergne also stated that he is leaving Simpson's kids' stories up to them to tell publicly.

"His four remaining children are very private and I’m not going to engage in what they said, did, or what’s going on with them. I think that’s their story to tell if they want to come out and tell it," he shared.

Plus, LaVergne commented on the fact that Simpson reportedly owed the family of the slain Ron Goldman $114 million.

"First, I don’t think that number that you’re talking about is accurate. I think Mr. Goldman and his lawyers maybe actually botched their accounting and actually undervalued the amount that’s owed. Now that I’m the executor, I think they’re [owed] more like $201 million," LaVergne divulged.

As for how much money Simpson actually left behind after his death, LaVergne is still in the process of uncovering the true amount, but noted that it could take "years."

"I’ve been doing sweeps of his home. This is obviously in the beginning phase. Mr. Simpson passed away Wednesday night. I didn’t even know until Thursday evening I was the executor. I’m gonna have to find his bank accounts and then there will be a number tabulated, but that could be months and months, if not years," he said.

"I’ll be blunt — I’m not seeing much, but I’m remaining hopeful," he added.

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