A mom was slammed on Reddit after claiming her 15-year-old daughter ruined their two-week family vacation by being too competitive.

"At the start of the vacation, my daughter introduced my husband to Sudoku on the plane and taught him how to play. What he didn’t realize was that she had been playing Sudoku for months. She made a bet with him that if she finished the hardest level first, he would buy her Wi-Fi for the flight. If he finished first, she would share a bed with his younger daughter during the trip (his younger daughter was complaining about sharing a bed with the oldest because she kicks and hogs the bed). She beat him and persistently pestered him until he bought the Wi-Fi," she wrote.

The woman claimed her daughter's competitive side got worse and worse as the vacation went on.

"My husband was getting sick of losing, and my stepdaughters were upset that their dad was buying her stuff and not them, so I told my daughter she either couldn’t compete with her stepdad or she had to let him win," she explained.

The woman also sparked a fight between her daughter and husband when she told him the teen "wasn’t allowed to compete with him anymore because he couldn’t handle losing."

"So I told her that if she didn’t stop, she’d be grounded to the resort for the rest of the trip (a little over a week at this point). She decided to test me, so I stuck to my word, and she was left at the resort while the rest of us went out every day," she continued.

When they returned home, the daughter told her biological dad she had been grounded.

"He's mad at me now for leaving her there and excluding her from the vacation because my husband couldn’t act like an adult. I told him my daughter was warned to stop, but she decided to test me, and now he’s forcing her to stick to the custody schedule (technically I have her every other weekend, but he was letting her go back and forth whenever she wanted) and is threatening to go to court for child support and back pay," the woman concluded her post.

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Users in the comments section blasted the woman and her husband.

"[You're the a--hole] and unfortunately, so is your husband because he can't stop accepting competitive bets from his 15-year-old stepdaughter, then being upset when he consistently loses to her. You should have told him to simply tell her 'no thanks' whenever she offered to race him, or otherwise compete against him in any way. He should have then decided that would be the wisest and most mature way to handle the situation," one person wrote.

"Why are you treating your husband like he’s one of your kids and expecting your daughter to spare his feelings by letting him win? Just tell him to stop accepting her challenges and move on," another commented.

"You could have handled this so much better. If this was unfair, why didn't you suggest to your daughter that if she wins, your husband should get something for all the kids?" someone else weighed in.

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