We're Constantly Hearing About Texas Roads And Highways Having High Fatality Rates And Accidents Especially In Cities Like Dallas And Houston.

In a state as big as Texas, most of the bad news involving drivers in the Lone Star State are reserved for younger folks.

But according to a new study, Senior Citizens over the age of 65 in Texas are actually in one of the safest states to drive in and our neighbors next door in Louisiana and New Mexico rank pretty high as well.

A new study has revealed the states where the lowest percentage of citizens over the age of 65 are killed in road accidents.

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Research carried out by personal injury law firm Bader Scott analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) from 2017-2021 to determine which states have the lowest percentage of elderly deaths in road accidents.

Texas ranks third, with drivers over the age of 65 representing 13.76% of road accident fatalities.

Due to its large population, Texas obtained a comparatively high number of total road accident deaths with a staggering 37,085 overall, however, people over the age of 65 accounted for just 1,051 of these fatalities.

Our Neighbors To The West And East Ranked Even Better.


While Texas came out in the top 3, our neighbors New Mexico and Louisiana did better.

New Mexico came in second with 3,842 road accident deaths in total, seniors over 65 make up 13.72% of this, with 527 elderly deaths overall making it the second lowest percentage in the country.

Louisiana places first, with citizens over the age of 65 accounting for 13.57% of road accident fatalities. Louisiana has a total of 7,743 deaths due to road accidents, with older drivers representing 1,051.

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