3 of the 10 largest wind farms in the world are right here in Texas.

The top 10 list of massive wind farms set up to generate electricity is made up of farms from all over the world and these suckers are BIG.

There are over 350,000 wind turbines scattered around the world with half of the worlds largest wind farms being in the United States of America.

The largest wind farm in the top 10 is located in Jiuquan, China and isn't really doing much.

Due to a shortage of buyers, most of the 7,000 turbines in this farm have been turned off.

Where Are The Largest Wind Farms In Texas?

Roscoe Wind Farm - Sits on 100,000 acres and can power 234,000 homes.

Horse Hollow Wind Power Center - Horse Hollow powers over 180,000 homes.

Texas Capricorn Ridge Wind Project - This guy can power 220,000 homes.

Where Is The Largest Wind Farm In The World?

That honor goes to the wind farm in Jiuquan ... for now anyway. China is building a new one that will be able to power 13 million homes.

The first wind farm in the United States of America to make the list, the Alta Wind Energy Center in California, has the #3 spot.

Also known as the Mojave Wind Farm, this one can power 257,000 homes.

Things don't always go smoothly on a wind farm though ...

Regardless of where our wind farms rank, Texas is generating a lot of power so, you would think, we'd be able to avoid these stupid rolling blackouts.


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