Texas Roadhouse Is Known For Massive Steaks And That Delicious Cinnamon Butter But The Company's Bosses Says Changes Are On The Horizon.

Its been awhile since I've been to Texas Roadhouse since I've moved to Tyler mainly because ITS ALWAYS PACKED and over the last year, the company has seen explosive growth.

But the company says it has to make changes and like every other big business in America, they're pointing the blame to "inflation" but this observer believes its "greed".

The American steakhouse chain is making adjustments to react to supply chain issues and inflation.

via Land of Food | Twitter
via Land of Food | Twitter

During a reported earnings call, Texas Roadhouse Chief Financial Officer Chris Monroe shared that among the changes this year, customers will be seeing a 2.2% menu price hike starting in the spring to “offset inflationary pressures.”

It is set to hit all Texas Roadhouse locations at the end of March as the restaurant's second quarter begins. But according to Eat This, Not That, this is the company's third time increasing consumer-facing costs in less than a year. A similar 2.2% boost occurred in April 2023, followed by another 2.7% incremental increase a few months later in October.

That Means Customers Will Have Seen Menu Pricing Jump Up Nearly 10% Over The Last Year.

Beef steak on the grill with flames

Despite the price hikes, there are plans to open another round of 30 company-owned restaurants in the upcoming calendar year which will be bigger than most current locations.

Texas Roadhouse is also moving away from a ticket system and instead adding screens to its back-of-house areas to track orders and cook times more accurately. Also, they will be adding mobile app ordering and more menu items in the coming months.

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